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The Analog Modeling Approach to Quantum Gravity and the More unified Models
Frost Low Energy Physics
The Analog Approach to the More Unified Models
A unique science education experience for the entire family

HUP Revisited

Imagine consciousness as a single internal analog language
made of ordered water
...and its variants.

Imagine being on the team introducing this new model
to a student body of several billion people.

       Get a *Feel* for modern science.

Think of it. Magnetic tetrahedra provide tactile and visual feedback on:

  • states
  • anharmonic motion
  • influence of one-half spin
  • many-body field-field interactions
  • collapse
  • chaotic change
  • entanglement
  • measurement
  • symmetry
  • position-momentum relations
  • variable mass density
  • particle-wave features and
  • other low level features important in physics.

The tactile feedback is significant because it allows vision- and math-challenged students or children in the early grades to acquire an introductory understanding of such concepts plus some physical intuition on the field-field interactions without having to master abstract math first. Students can increase their physical inituition by repeating exercises.


Things have structure and exhibit duality.
Objectivity = repeatable subjectivity
Repulsion = attraction with one-half spin
Things proceed as a function of the influences of everything else,
not as a function of time.
Abstract math symbols arise from and are secondary to the analog math symbols.

The two approaches are complementary.

Things are unified.

Alternate plot of the N-S sunspot number data

Quantum Mind 2003 Poster Presentation
Tuscon, AZ March 15-19,2003

Toward a model of ordered water.

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